“It is my pleasure to recommend one of my favorite volunteers, Crystal Hollis, as an employee. As the former Executive Producer of Entertainment at North Texas Television, I supervised over 150 volunteers that were apart of our television station. Students have a variety of skill sets and Ms. Hollis, with her persistence, diligence, and focus has outworked many of the other volunteers in her stay here at North Texas and has impressed me.

I came to know Ms. Hollis because we lived in the same wing our freshman year. Since the start of our friendship Ms. Hollis has been a great supporter of new and creative ideas and a go-getter. She has a vision and is really willing to put in the time and effort to get what she wants done, and is willing to learn. She has also been in the credits of several ntTV award winning shows. This alone is an outstanding achievement for a student who also had to balance working and being a fulltime student.

Ms. Hollis is an intelligent and motivated individual. She is a great friend and is one of the most committed people I’ve worked with.”

Noah Sargent – Videographer
Former Executive Producer of Entertainment, North Texas Television

When it comes to video production, there are few people more talented than Crystal. When you give her a video project, she will work on it until it’s reached perfection. She was my go to person whenever I knew things had to get done. Her reliability, and creativity makes her any employers dream. I would not hesitate to recommend her for any position!

Juan Bell –  Account Planner | Digital Strategist, Sq1
Former Marketing Team Leader, North Texas Television

Crystal proved herself time and again to be an asset to my show through long-term commitment, determination and dedication. She could always be found burning the mid-night oil when all the others had faded away… If you haven’t already hired her, do so.

James Brooks – Video Producer
Former Executive Producer, Haley’s Foodie Call (2010)

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