Film Analysis: Emmerich’s “2012”

The hidden social and environmental goals that belong to the authorship of Roland Emmerich and the obvious marketing goals that belong to Columbia Pictures help explain why 2012 was constructed with specific elements.

Occupy Denton | Video Verite

In Fall 2011, I created a few Occupy Denton cinema verite videos. Watch them on YouTube: Scott Olsen March Fracking Protest Darwin Tribute

The Job Hunt [TV Program]

Type: TV Program/Educational Class: RTVF 3230: Television Production | Spring 2013 Role: Video Editor, writer, assistant director, stock footage, field camera operator Camera: Canon T2i, Panasonic HMC-150 Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Graduating from college? Looking for a job? Join hosts Blair and Lewis to learn about what to do when you’re ready to start your career.Continue reading “The Job Hunt [TV Program]”