Public Relations Specialists Occupation Outlook Infographic

  Infographic Text: Public Relations Specialists PR specialists build mutually beneficial relationships between an organization and its target publics. They design press releases and use other communication tools to shape public perception of their organization and to increase awareness of its work and goals. Median Pay: $56,770 per year Education: Bachelor Degrees Job Outlook: Increase byContinue reading “Public Relations Specialists Occupation Outlook Infographic”

Photoshop class at UNT (Fall 2014)

In Fall 2014, I took a course called “Computer Graphics for Mediated Communications” (CECS 5260). I learned and practiced designing materials using Photoshop. Brochure Download here. Denton Public Library’s original brochure I have a brochure from the Denton Public Library and decided to improve on its content and design. I incorporate a lot of photographsContinue reading “Photoshop class at UNT (Fall 2014)”

Photoshop class at UNT Final Project [Interactive Kiosk]

In Fall 2014, I created an interactive kiosk-like story titled “A Friday Night in Denton” for Computer Graphics for Mediated Communication (CECS 5260). The story begins with the reader making a choice of Friday night activities. Each choice contain different scenarios where the reader interacts with a police officer. The goal of the story isContinue reading “Photoshop class at UNT Final Project [Interactive Kiosk]”

Anthropology Review: “Trekking Tradition”

Nepalese villagers in the film Trekking Tradition is an example of a type of culture that had adapted to the “invasion” of the western capitalism.

Anthropology Review: “The Goddess and the Computer”

The Balinese in “The Goddess and the Computer” are a peasant society co-existing with a modern society and slowly making efforts to progress ahead. Globalization is at work as Bali, one out of many other non-modern type societies, work to integrate to modern society.

Anthropology Review: “The Holy Ghost People”

The Holy Ghost community does not possess all of the characteristics of an Industrial/pre-modern society. God is the authority in their lives, they do not question the logic of the unsafe ritual, and they are in a small and rural setting.

Anthropology Review: “Malls R US”

Malls can create new values and traditions, forming a consumerist culture. Malls are able to influence people to “jump the bandwagon.” Marketing informs the consumer what material objects or services that they are lacking. A woman in the film mentioned that she dresses nicely at the mall trying to be noticed. Shopping and buying things for her pleasure did not seem to be selfish in her opinion; in pampering herself, she is “paying respect to God.”

RTVF Writing: Documentary Treatment Concept

Barbara Walters: Successful Journalist – Documentary Treatment Concept By Crystal Hollis | Summer 2010 | RTVF 2010 Introduction to RTVF Writing Barbara Walters: Successful Journalist The film opens with dramatic music in the background and a clip from Barbara Walters’ 20/20 interview with Monica Lewinsky. We see Executive Producer David Sloan commenting on the interview.Continue reading “RTVF Writing: Documentary Treatment Concept”

Family Pizza Crisis Management recipe

In MKTG 3660 Advertising Management class, I learned how to devise a strategy on how to manage a company’s crisis problem. The concept problem is that an angry parent went on YouTube and blamed a pizza restaurant for causing her children to have allergic reactions.

RTVF Writing: TV Commercial Concept and Script

“Leave Smelling Dignified” – Sample TV commercial script By Crystal Hollis | Summer 2010 | RTVF 2010 Introduction to RTVF Writing TARGET AUDIENCE Age: 18-25 Gender: Male (for use) and female (to buy or give as gift) Race and Ethnic Origin: Not specific Education: High school graduate; not specific Income: $5,000-$100,000; affordable for lower incomeContinue reading “RTVF Writing: TV Commercial Concept and Script”