Anthropology Review: “Trekking Tradition”

Nepalese villagers in the film Trekking Tradition is an example of a type of culture that had adapted to the “invasion” of the western capitalism.

Lillian & Ian: Love Forever

On June 1st, 2013, my partner Joseph and I were part of a Videography team capturing the wedding of Lilian and Ian. It was a very beautiful and unique wedding; I am glad to have the honor to film their special day. We captured the ceremony in Dallas and captured their reception at SMU. TheirContinue reading “Lillian & Ian: Love Forever”

Polaroid & Instagram Commercial | Advertising Concept

  Type: TV/Web Commercial Concept Class: MKTG 3660: Advertising Management | Spring 2012 Role: Camera Operator, Video Editor, research Camera: Canon T2i Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Watch the commercial concept on YouTube. My group and I created an advertising plan for Polaroid as a class project. Presentation materials included video, print, and web advertisements.Continue reading “Polaroid & Instagram Commercial | Advertising Concept”

That’s Life | Webseries

Type: Webseries Class: CBCM 3525: Content Development for Digital Media | Fall 2013 Role: Producer, Editor, Camera Operator, Photographer Camera: Canon T2i, Panasonic HMC-150 Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Watch all three episodes on YouTube: #HotDate #GroupProject #Icepocalypse2013