Anthropology Review: “Trekking Tradition”

Nepalese villagers in the film Trekking Tradition is an example of a type of culture that had adapted to the “invasion” of the western capitalism.

Anthropology Review: “Malls R US”

Malls can create new values and traditions, forming a consumerist culture. Malls are able to influence people to “jump the bandwagon.” Marketing informs the consumer what material objects or services that they are lacking. A woman in the film mentioned that she dresses nicely at the mall trying to be noticed. Shopping and buying things for her pleasure did not seem to be selfish in her opinion; in pampering herself, she is “paying respect to God.”

Anthropology Review: “First Contact”

“First Contact” on colonialism of native New Guineans By Crystal Hollis | Fall 2010 | ANTH 1150 World Cultures Through Film First Contact reflects on a culture clash as colonialists exert control and dominate over an indigenous population to gain control over natural resources. Colonialism is defined as the active possession of a foreign territoryContinue reading “Anthropology Review: “First Contact””