Pre-Production: The Job Hunt Script

RTVF 3220 Television Production | Pre-Production

Spring 2013

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Title Card THE JOB HUNT 30:00
Video Audio
Opening/Title 1:00
Hosts introduction BLAIR: Hello and welcome to (show name). I am your host, Blair.
LEWIS: And I’m Lewis.
BLAIR: Finding a job can be a very challenging experience especially with a struggling economy.
LEWIS: The application and interview process may seem very intimidating but this program will provide you with invaluable tools and information you can use on the job search.
BLAIR: But first, let’s get a closer look into what students at the University of North Texas think about the job market.
Student Opinions Package 2:00
INTERVIEW BLAIR: (to LEWIS) Well it seems that a lot of students are working hard to prepare for the real world.
LEWIS: (ad lib response)
BLAIR: Now we have (guest’s name) who will talk about the job hunting process. Thank you for joining us.
GUEST: (response)
4:00 In-studio interview with Career Center
DEMO- Social Media Pros/Cons LEWIS: Social Media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are very popular today. Employers are now using these sites to weed out job applicants during the hiring process.
BLAIR: Here is (guest’s name) who will talk about how you can maintain your online reputation while trying to start your career. What can you tell us about the pros and cons?
BLAIR: LinkedIn is a social media site that is made specifically for the professional world.
LEWIS: Let’s take a look to learn about LinkedIn and how you can use it to network and make yourself more marketable.
LinkedIn PACKAGE 3:00
LEWIS: So Blair, what are you doing on your tablet?
BLAIR: I’m adding you on LinkedIn. See?
LEWIS: I’ll have to accept the friend request the next time I log in. Next up we met with (guest), owner/manager of such and such. S/he talks about what s/he looks for in a potential candidate.
Field Interview PACKAGE with employer 3:00 Interview with Employer about hiring.Interview with newly hired person.
DEMO- Dress etiquette BLAIR: (to LEWIS) So that was interesting, hearing about the employer’s side of the job hunting process. Sending a typed thank you letter to the employer will take you far.
LEWIS: (to BLAIR) I agree. Knowing what an employer wants will definitely put you on the competitive edge. So is maintaining professional courtesy.
BLAIR: Maintaining a professional image will also help you stay competitive.  If you’re not wearing the appropriate attire some employers will not even look at you. Let’s go over the dress etiquette.
LEWIS: So here is an example of what not to wear. You definitely shouldn’t wear flip-flops, hoodies, shorts, or tank tops. A job interview is no place to wear casual clothes.
BLAIR: You should aim to wear conservative business attire every time. Here is an example of what you should wear.
LEWIS: Perfume is not a good idea because some people can be allergic or gets offended by the strong smell. That doesn’t mean you can’t maintain personal hygiene.
BLAIR: Both sexes should maintain a neat, “adult” hairstyle. There should be limited jewelry. You want the employer to focus on YOU and not what you are wearing.
(add more tips)
4:00 Model examples of how to dress for an interview.
LEWIS: That’s right Blair. Now a good resume, on and offline reputation, and good conservative attire can only get you so far. Next let’s go in depth on the interview process.
Interview-Tips- Do and Don’t PACKAGE 4:00 Business Building, Career Advisement Center. Zach – writer

Clark – actor

Troy – actor

Editor’s note: Split screen between both versions. Do & Don’t

Recap/Tips/Close BLAIR: Now it is natural to feel nervous about the process but following these tips will help you gain confidence.
LEWIS: (tips)
BLAIR: We hope this program will help you successfully start your career. If you want more information here are some suggestions on the screen.
LEWIS: Thanks for watching and we wish you good luck.

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