Business Plan: Pawfect Pet Care

MGMT 3850 Entrepreneurship | Business Plan

Fall 2010

Some information is omitted.

Pawfect Pet Care Business Plan

Cover Letter

Dear Potential investors,

Pawfect Pet Care is an exceptional business in which operations can begin immediately.  With more people treating their pets likes members of the family, Pawfect Pet Care can establish a need for families that don’t have children; rather pets.  Also, the growing number of individuals waiting to have children until later in their careers gives Pawfect Pet Care a vast niche to slip into because many people have a pet before getting involved with children of their own. The low start-up costs make this opportunity extremely hard to pass up. In our own recent findings of local apartment complexes, nearly half of all units have pets, which leave room for expansion and great success.   Our business plan will include various reasons for investing in our company.

We have included a copy of our business plan for further review.


Pawfect Pet Care

1234 Puppy Drive

Denton, TX 12345




  1. Executive Summary

Pawfect Pet Care is a business with the objective of providing top notch pet care to the pet parents of the Collin County area of Texas. This care is provided by subcontractors of our choosing so that each family can have a personal relationship with their pet care professional.  Subcontractors will go through a series of screening evaluations along with an in depth background check prior to employment.  Each pet care professional will be paid hourly plus a percentage of new clients they bring into the company. The more pets each pet professional has, the higher percentage they will receive.  The location is out of Courtney’s home business office which will counter as a tax deduction.  Using subcontractors allows us to remotely manage each pet families care.  Any complaints from a pet parent will be acted upon immediately to not lose a valuable customer.  Also to provide further protection, several audits will be performed at the discretion of Pawfect Pet Care.  Pawfect Pet Care is a Limited Liability Company giving us assurance that will provide a level of protection in the case of fault and also providing financial protection. This makes up for not being able to be present every time that a pet care professional walks into a pet parents’ house (212).



2.1 Mission

To take the pet care industry to a new and exciting level by providing both exceptional care to every pet and exceptional service to every pet parent. Our guarantee of exceptional service and care is achieved through the strategic hiring of qualified, experienced, animal-loving staff!

2.1 Vision

Our vision is to exceed the expectations of pet parents, pet care professionals and the pet industry as a whole.

Pet parents:

We will exceed expectations by:

  • Providing extraordinary and quality service
  • Meeting all of their pet care needs through the customization of our services to each pet parent
  • Providing extremely convenient service by having pet care professionals morning, noon and night
  • Providing qualified and experienced staff
  • Allowing pet parents to choose which pet care professional is best suited to care for their pet through a meet and greet session
  • Encouraging staff to build trusting and loyal relationships with pet parents
  • Setting competitive pricing
  • Treating each pet as our own

Pet care Professionals:

We will exceed expectations by:

  • Offering competitive pay/percentages
  • Providing a sense of freedom—you are essentially your own boss and responsible for your own professional growth
  • Equally distributing new clients of the agency
  • Allowing clients to request specific pet care professionals, allowing pet care professionals a chance to build clientele
  • Reimbursing fuel expenses used to travel from home to home
  • Offering incentives/bonuses for bringing a certain amount of clients to the company

Pet care industry:

Our goal of exceeding expectations in the pet care industry as a whole will be achieved through:

  • Experienced, animal-loving staff
  • Convenience
  • Exceptional quality of service
  • Customization of services to each individual pet parent and pet
  • Our commitment to making the lives of animals and those who love them that much easier and fulfilling

2.3 Values and principles

We value…

  • The health and well-being of pets
  • The loyalty of our clients
  • The quality of our service
  • The upholding of our brand/image by our wonderful staff

The principles we stand by is respect, loyalty, quality and anything that positively contributes to the pet care industry as a whole.

Business and Industry Profile

3.1 Industry background and overview

Pet sitting is a young and growing profession, rising as stay-at-home jobs are becoming more frequent and popular. The pet sitters’ job is to look after the pets while the owner is away from the residence. Pet sitters travel to the pet owner’s home, carrying out the same routine that the pet follow daily. Some tasks may involve feeding, walking, and playing with the pet. More experienced and professional pet sitters may also bathe, train, or groom the pet. Pet sitters might provide services that have less to do with the pets, such as checking up on the house, sweeping, collecting mail and packages, setting the alarm, and watering plants. Pet sitters may also offer pet taxi services, house sitting, and pet waste removal.

The purpose of pet sitting is to provide convenience at a low cost for pet parents. Pets are cared for in the comforts of their own territory, therefore reducing stress and eliminating “travel trauma.” Pet sitting reduce the risk of illnesses and parasites that would infect the pet if they had stayed at a pet kennel or daycare. Pet owners would not have to deal with asking neighbors, friends, and/or family to look after their pets and feel guilty about being somewhat of a “hassle.”

Pet care entrepreneurs face several risks and expenses, often struggling to establish a clientele. Networking and getting the business known to the potential customers is crucial for survival. The most over looked living expense, according to the winter 2006-07 Occupational Outlook Quarterly is living expenses. Pet care business owners are recommended to keep current job or save at least 6 months’ worth of living expenses before relying on business income.

3.2 Significant trends

According to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook 2010-11 editions, employment of animal care and service is expected to grow 21% before 2018. According to the Entrepreneur magazine, 3% US households use a pet sitter or dog walker.  There is an estimate of 10,000 pet sitter businesses with insurance or bonded in the United States. A large number of pet owners are also baby boomers who are predicted to spend a considerate amount on their pets. More pet owners are beginning to consider their pets as part of the family, hence the title “pet parents,” therefore demanding services and products that will pamper their pets.

3.3 Growth rate

62% of US households (71.4 million homes) own a pet according to the National Pet Owners Survey:

  • 45.6 million households own dogs
  • 38.2 million households own cats
  • 23 million households own fishes
  • 6 million households own birds

According to statistics gathered by the APPA:

  • An estimate of $47.7 billion is spent on the U.S. pet industry in 2010. Last year the US pet industry spent $45.5 billion and in 2008 spent $43.2 billion. Compared to the US pet industry spending $28.5 billion in 2001, the pet industry has doubled in the last ten years and continues to grow significantly despite issues with the economy. While pet owners tend to spend more when the economy is strong, there is still a demand as pet owners begin to view themselves as pet parents.
  • $3.45 billion is estimated in 2010 to be spent on pet services (including grooming and boarding) compared to $3.36 billion spent last year.

3.4 Key success factors in the industry 

  • Keeping a positive, pet savvy image of the company is crucial for success. Potential pet parents need to feel comfortable that their pets and home are in good hands. It takes a great deal of trust to give the keys to the home and their pets in the hands of strangers outside of the circle of friends and family. Keeping a positive reputation provides potential clients feelings of assurance.
  • Responsibility is very important. Pet parents need to be assured that their pets will be cared for in time on a routinely manner. All animal care givers need to have patience, sensitivity, and the ability to solve problems. If a contractor disrespects the clients, the pets, and the home, as a consequence the business will not thrive.
  • Acknowledgement is also important. Advertising, word of mouth, upholding a great reputation, and networking with Pet sitting directories online are great ways to get the business known. Even home businesses can flourish as long as potential clients know the about the business.
  • Competence and credibility is a must have in the pet sitting business. Potential pet parents will feel more confident of the pet sitting business if they knew that the caregivers are very knowledgeable of pet care. It is preferable that the pet sitting contractor knows more about taking care of pets than the owners themselves. Professional pet sitting contractors are more successful if they are licensed in first aid certification and animal husbandry. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters offer an accredited Professional Pet sitter certification program. Pet sitting professionals are trained in business management, animal care, and animal health issues.
  • Legal protection and insurance will be very helpful in the pet sitting business.  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics, research shows that animal care and service workers experience a higher work-related injury than the national average. Pet sitters are to be trained in caring for pets while avoiding damage to and from the pet. Legal and damage protection is to assure that we have a plan should an accident happen.

3.5 Outlook for future stages of growth

According to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of animal care and service workers are expected to increase from 220,400 in 2008 to 265,900 in 2018. Employment is growing and there is a need to replace workers who leave the occupation for different job opportunities. Many jobs are flexible in work schedules and don’t take too much time to train, making it attractive as a part time or temporary job.


  1. Business Strategy

4.1 What sets Pawfect Pet Care apart from competition is our extreme focus on extraordinary customer service and quality. Pet parents are given complete control over which pet care professional will be taking care of their pets. This is achieved through the setup of a meet and greet between the pet parent(s) and a pet care professional. To ensure the quality of service, the pet care professionals will be experienced and passionate about what they do. Additionally, the services provided to the pet parent(s) will be completely customized to fit theirs’ and their pets’ individual needs and wants. The pet parent(s) have an opportunity to change or keep their provided pet care professional based on how they perceive the service given by the current pet care professional. Convenience plays a great role in our commitment to our clients. Whether they need our service in the morning, noon, night or even overnight, our pet care professionals are available. With that said, it is no surprise that Pawfect Pet Care will be following a differentiation business strategy. Our success as a differentiator will be the result of the intangible benefits gained by our clients. These intangible benefits include but are not limited to:

  1. The peace of mind of knowing their pets are in the hands of qualified and experienced pet care professionals.
  2. The feeling of being valued and in control via the customization of service
  3. The feeling of familiarity with their pet care professional through the meet and greet and other opportunities of getting acquainted with their pet care professional.

4.2 Strengths

The most obvious strength is the low start-up cost consisting of only $3,268. With no need for a building, the cost of land, rent and utilities are eliminated. With minimal costs ranging from the cost of guerilla marketing to the cost of registering our business as an LLC and gaining insurance, it will not be long before we surpass the overhead costs. Working with independent contractors instead of full-time employees eliminates the cost of providing benefits. Additionally, independent contractors’ pay will be commission based. Another strength is our broad target market. Pet ownership is not restricted to only one specific demographic; people of all nationalities, ages and professions own pets.

4.3 Weaknesses

One of our greatest weaknesses is our weak brand name. With Pawfect Pet Care being a new face in the pet care/sitting industry, we must try that much harder to gain customer loyalty to establish a clientele. Seeing as though we lack an established customer base, it may be difficult to hire and retain independent contractors expecting to be given an overflow of clients. In the beginning, we will depend on effective marketing to gain clientele and quality service to maintain these clients. As far as gaining employee loyalty, will we achieve this through incentives and bonuses. These incentives will include but are not limited to: flexible scheduling, lack of direct supervision (they are their own boss) and gas reimbursement. With that being said, another potential weakness is relying on the hired independent contractors to uphold our desired brand/image to create a good reputation for Pawfect Pet Care. These contractors will essentially be the faces of our company and in a word-of-mouth industry, reputation is everything. Because of this, just as much effort will go into building a healthy and fulfilling working relationship between management and the independent contractors through effective and open communication.

4.4 Opportunities

The pet industry as a whole is a very lucrative industry. With it being deemed recession proof/resistant year after year, it has been predicted to do nothing but continue to grow exponentially. With people no longer considering their animals pets but an extension of their families, they are treating their care not as an unnecessary expense but as if caring for a child. Because of this parent-child mentality, those who own animals are no longer being referred to as pet owners but as ‘pet parents’. This transformation means they are willing to pay more for quality and the best care for their four-legged children, which is why an increase of consumer spending has been shown in this industry despite the recession.

4.5 Threats

With the start-up cost being so low and very limited government regulation, easy entrance into this industry is our greatest threat. Easy entrance opens the door to potential saturation of the market. Saturation causes an overflow of competition and the scare of a price war. This may make it even more difficult to build a customer base and in essence retain independent contractors. Fortunately, our business is following a differentiation strategy and our dependence is not on price but quality. Our ideal customers are not the ones to sacrifice quality for price and will not be swayed by a price war. Once again, our plan to retain independent contractors is to emphasize our commitment to heightening their sense of job satisfaction and continuously displaying our appreciation through incentives and bonuses.


Product/ Service

5.1 The business we have selected is dog sitting/house sitting. The fact is that many pet owners do not have the time to care for their pets. We have stepped in to fill the void to provide security, comfort, and flexibility to our “Pet parents”.  In this economy many people spend most of their time at work or traveling and leaving their homes and pets alone.  Pets need to be walked, fed, and loved. By pet sitting and house sitting we provide security to the home which gives peace of mind to our clients.  We know that opening the doors to your home and letting someone take care of your pet is not entrusted to just anyone. Our company will make sure that our “pet parents” get to know the professional that well be working with them.   The services provided are listed as followed:

  1. Initial Consultation: Complimentary
  2. Pet sitting per visit:
    1. 1-3 pets – $20 for 30 minutes
      1. $2 each additional pet
      2. $2 for medication administration
      3. $10 per day holiday surcharge
  3. Overnight Stays (10pm-6am)
    1. $80/evening
    2. Includes dinner and breakfast feeding
  4. Potty Break: per visit
    1. 1-3 pets – $15 duration 15 minutes
      1. $2 each additional pet
  5. Dog Walking: per visit
    1. 1-2 pets – $18 for 20 minutes
      1. $2 each additional pet
      2. Dog walking packages
        1. Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri = $80/week
        2. Mon/Wed/Fri = $48/week
        3. Tues/Thurs = $28 week
        4. 60 minute hike/run = $40
  6. Yard Waste Scooping
    1. $8 (added to pet sitting) – per visit
    2. $15 – weekly service
  7. Pet Taxi
    1. $0.50/mile plus $35/hour
  8. Key Return
    1. $10 (pick up or drop off)

5.2 Our customers will benefit greatly for small things that many people over look. We would take the worry away from our customers by giving their home a lived-in appearance when we house/pet sit when they are away, reducing the risk of burglary. We can also eliminate the hazard that comes with traveling with pets. Many pets become stressed and are not happy when it comes to traveling by air or car. Having your pet stay at home lets your pet greet you at home after a long trip. This also keeps your pet away from the risk of disease that other pets might carry.

5.3 The opportunity for successes is great because we are providing a service that does not have a lot of competition but that many people need. There are many pet parents that just do not have the time to care for their pets and often leave them at home alone, along with their own home not being attended. We are simply filling the void for these pet parents and allowing them to keep working as much as they do without having to neglect their homes and pets.

5.4 If we do not have enough people working for us and not having the means to be able to provide all of our pet parents with our services can hurt our reputation as a company. This type of business strives on the reputation with our customers, like many other companies do, but being able to trust someone with the care of their home and their pet is something that Pawfect, does not take lightly.

5.5 The guarantee we offer our “pet parents” is the satisfaction of knowing that every single one of our sitters is trained in pet care and will treat every single pet as one of their own. Being on time for all the schedule events is another thing that we only guarantee.

5.6 Our business does not have anything that need patent protection but we did decide to have a trademark slogan that reads.  “Where we treat your pets Pawfect”.  We did this so can have something that our pet parents would remember us by and to also help understand our play on words on our name. Getting our trademark done will cost about $300,, this will take up to a month to accomplish.

5.7 We have set up a simple process to help our pet parents set up a schedule that works with them and to also help them get to know their sitter.

  1. We receive a call from a potential customer, answering any question they might have, and setting up a consultation.
  2. We then go through the 1st meeting with the “pet parent” and see if she or he would like our services, and if so we set up a 2nd follow up meeting with the actual person that will be walking/setting their pet or home.
  3. We have the meeting with the actual sitter, which is in the area, and have the dog they will be caring for get used to them.
  4. If everything is ok with the pet parent, we go ahead and set up a schedule that works with the pet parent. The pet parent will sign a contract and release form that covers all of the terms of Pawfect Pet Care this will be the agreement between the pet parent and the pet sitter, allowing the pet sitter to care for the pets the way they have been instructed by Pawfect Pet Care.

Marketing Strategy

6.1 At Pawfect Pet Care our Target Market will be Pet Parents in the Collin County Area.  This could be anyone from Working Singles to Traveling Families.

Their commonality is ownership of a pet and absence from the residence for prolonged time periods. These Pet Parents have to depend on imposing on friends or family for pet sitting needs, or expensive pet boarding facilities to satisfy these needs. All of these solutions have unique negative impact.

Relying on family members or friends can strain those relationships. Boarding pets can place undue stress on pets by removing them from familiar surroundings and people.

6.2 The utilization of Pawfect Pet Care can relieve the Pet Parents’ feelings of guilt. Herein lays the primary motivation to use Pawfect Pet Care. Pawfect Pet Care also allows the absent owners home to appear to be lived in, thereby reducing the risk of burglary, eliminates the hazards of travel by car, air or other public transportation, and eliminates additional boarding charges due to kennel hours of operation.

Utilizing Pawfect Pet Care has many other benefits. You no longer need to impose on friends, your pet/s are there to great you when you return. Additionally, the pet is less stressed, happier because the pet has remained in familiar surroundings, has not been exposed to contagious diseases, fleas, ticks, and ringworm. The Pet Parent has the added value of peace of mind. Knowledge that their pet is being cared for by knowledgeable, responsible professionals adds to the Pet Parents’ productivity or relaxation.

6.3 Current trends show this service to enjoy a strong market. A spot market sample in Frisco revealed one apartment complex in a substantial neighborhood that enjoyed one hundred percent occupancy of its three hundred forty residencies; one hundred ninety eight had pets. There are one hundred forty nine dogs and forty nine cats.  There is a strong transfer of pet owner to “pet parent” which is solidifying the market showing what looks to be recession “proof” and as well as a projected growth rate from 53 billion pet owners in 2010 to 70 billion pet parents in 2014.

6.4 The top 3 pet sitting companies in the Plano/Frisco area that would stand up to being our competition are their strengths would be name recognition, experience, client base and training.

Always Happy Tails Pet Sitting is the most prominent company in Frisco and Peace of Mind Pet & House sitting and Pet sitters Plus are the two most prominent companies in Plano.

Pet sitters Plus has a much larger area that they service therefore limiting their hours in each area and won’t be able to offer the personal touch nor flexibility that we will be able to offer at Pawfect Pet Care.

Peace of Mind Pet and House Sitting strength is they have strong referrals from a veterinarian in the area, but at Pawfect Pet Care we are young and vibrant with no plans of retirement and also have several veterinarians in the area willing to send us referrals.

Always Happy Tails Pet Sitting in Frisco is operated by two sisters.  This being their biggest weakness because they cannot always handle the demand and therefore will have a hard time maintain clients, bringing on new clients and cover back up plans when needed.  By having 7 employees there will always be someone able to cover in the time of an emergency.

6.5 Advertising will crucial to the success of Pawfect Pet Care and can be accomplished through all or any of the following:

  • Flyers
  • Phone Book
  • Website (will create and maintain with money from loan)
  • Online Advertising
  • Newspaper
  • Magazine
  • Car Magnets
  • Veterinarian Referrals
  • Business Card Distribution
  • Valupak
  • Word of Mouth
  • Airport advertising
  • Pet Sitting Directories
  • Facebook and other social networks

6.6 The consideration of pricing is all important. Pricing has to be attractive to the client, sustain the service, and remain competitive. To this end the following pricing has been established by reviewing services and pricing of competitors in the Frisco/Plano market:

  1. Initial Consultation: Complimentary
  2. Pet sitting per visit:
    1. 1-3 pets – $20 for 30 minutes
      1. $2 each additional pet
      2. $2 for medication administration
      3. $10 per day holiday surcharge
  3. Overnight Stays (10pm-6am)
    1. $80/evening
    2. Includes dinner and breakfast feeding
  4. Potty Break: per visit
    1. 1-3 pets – $15 duration 15 minutes
      1. $2 each additional pet
  5. Dog Walking: per visit
    1. 1-2 pets – $18 for 20 minutes
      1. $2 each additional pet
      2. Dog walking packages
        1. Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri = $80/week
        2. Mon/Wed/Fri = $48/week
        3. Tues/Thurs = $28 week
        4. 60 minute hike/run = $40
  6. Yard Waste Scooping
    1. $8 (added to pet sitting) – per visit
    2. $15 – weekly service
  7. Pet Taxi
    1. $0.50/mile plus $35/hour
  8. Key Return
    1. $10 (pick up or drop off)


Location and Layout

Pawfect Pet Care will be conducted out of a home office. Our focal area of operation is in the Collin county area of Texas. The main cities we are directed at are Frisco and Plano. These two cities are quickly becoming more popular and growing at a rapid rate. The average homeowners in Collin County bring in $110,962 per year and are very fond of their pets. In saying that, we believe that these pet parents will be willing to pay for top-notch pet care while they are away from home or on vacation. Our main objective for this area is to provide great pet care to families who really need it whatever their situation is. There is no need for our business to rent out office space at this time because it will be a sub-contractor style of business. Our contractors will send us their time sheets at the end of each pay period allowing us to calculate their pay and send them the respective paycheck. Using this method will allow us to conduct business out of a home office rather than using a leased office space. Our meetings will be conducted by having a monthly luncheon where we will discuss what is going on with our pet care professionals and get feedback for how we can improve our productivity.

Management Team

Since Pawfect Pet Care will begin as a small home business, each team member will be contractors with the duty of pet sitting, dog walking, and/or house sitting. Each member of the management team will work unique full time positions that are crucial to keep the business up and running. The top initial responsibility is to maintain positive relationships with the clients, increase a positive reputation of the business, and to protect the clients’ private property effectively in the clients’ absence.

Plan of Operation

9.1 Pawfect Pet Care needed a type of ownership that would be able to fit our company and all the risks that came with pet care and house sitting. The risks we face are few but great, when you are dealing with pets you always run the risk of being bitten and we didn’t want to have Pawfect Pet Care sued by its workers or by its clients. So we decided to go with Limited Liability Company also known as (LLC) Limited liability Company (LLC)-Offer their owners limited personal liability for the debts of the business, providing a significant advantage over sole proprietorship’s and partnerships is has limited liability, an easy continuity of life, free transferability of interest, centralized management. We found that this working great with our business because it hits all the parts we need for our business to run smoothly and be able to keep us safe from all the risk that we are taking to make the business work.

9.2 Pawfect Pet Care will provide insurance for the workers. The insurance would give them a membership with an organization that is designed for pet sitters by pet sitters. The membership would provide our sitters with newsletters of experiences with other pet sitters, customers check list, and code of ethics.  Wages would be hourly along with a onetime referral fee of $10 per each client that the worker brings in. The workers well be paid weekly at first but as the company grows we would like to do every two weeks. The way the payroll will be handled is that Courtney will collect the money from our pet parents, so that having money does not go from hand to hand to hand. This would be great for our workers and for our business.

9.3 The shifts would be based on the amount of walks the pet parent wants, the pets will be walked in the morning, afternoon, and early evening. The hours will be collected at the end of every week.  Each pet care professional would be responsible for documenting their hours each week on a time sheet. The pet care professionals well not work pets that they are not assigned to them. Pet care professionals are assigned their pets at the begging of every week.

10.0 Financial Forecasts

**Information omitted


11.0 Loan or Investment Proposal

Pawfect Pet Care is a low start-up business in which all members will be involved with day-to-day operations.  The initial cost of business is $5,000 which will come from members’ savings and the help of family members.  Business expenses will include leashes, software for operation, insurance per member, marketing techniques, LLC costs, and initial payroll expenses.  A heavy percentage of the profits will funnel into a business savings account to create enough capital for expansion and other proper cash flows.  Pawfect Pet Care is a unique business that can be launched immediately. As long as there are dogs to be walked Pawfect Pet Care is in business!

When people find out about the quality of Pawfect Pet Care the cash flow will be essential.  Several members will be a part of this team to assure complete payout of the initial loan. As profits continue to funnel into our business savings account, we will pay off our initial loan in less than 120 days.

12.0 Critical Risks

12.1 Pawfect Pet Care faces several potential problems.  Worst case scenarios are identified as:

  1. A) Pawfect Pet Care is projected to grow too quickly.  This is the most critical risk because due to the small amount of contractors, the service would not be able to accommodate a large flow of potential pet parents.  This will force potential pet parents to search for another service provider, therefore missing out on the relationship and losing future business.
  2. B) The threat of lawsuits from clients.  This could be from the irresponsibility of individual pet sitting contractors, accidents, and death or property damage.
  3. C) The growing trend of pet parents working from home or not traveling away from home due to down economy.  The pet parent would have no need to use our services if they are already in their residence.

12.2 Pawfect Pet Care has considered several alternative course of action in dealing with critical risks.  We have measured:

  1. A) In Order to control the growth rate of potential pet parents, it is important to hire plenty of pet sitting contractors and provide expanded hours of service.
  2. B) In order to protect Pawfect Pet Care from lawsuits, an amount of capital will go toward insurance ($275/yr and $80/yr per contractor) and legal protection ($99/month) with prepaid legal service.  Pet sitting contractors will require clients to sign a release form of responsibilities.  Also Pawfect Pet Care will provide professional pet care and emergency training to independent contractors.  Independent contractors will be randomly audited while they are at work to ensure that they are doing their job properly.
  3. C) Pawfect Pet Care may not have control over stay-at-home pet parents; however as we provide pet care training to our independent contractors, it is possible in the future to offer pet care classes for pet parents that wish to learn how to take care of their pets more effectively.


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