Anthropology Review: “Trekking Tradition”

Nepalese villagers in the film Trekking Tradition is an example of a type of culture that had adapted to the “invasion” of the western capitalism.

Anthropology Review: “The Goddess and the Computer”

The Balinese in “The Goddess and the Computer” are a peasant society co-existing with a modern society and slowly making efforts to progress ahead. Globalization is at work as Bali, one out of many other non-modern type societies, work to integrate to modern society.

Anthropology Review: “The Holy Ghost People”

The Holy Ghost community does not possess all of the characteristics of an Industrial/pre-modern society. God is the authority in their lives, they do not question the logic of the unsafe ritual, and they are in a small and rural setting.

Anthropology Review: “Malls R US”

Malls can create new values and traditions, forming a consumerist culture. Malls are able to influence people to “jump the bandwagon.” Marketing informs the consumer what material objects or services that they are lacking. A woman in the film mentioned that she dresses nicely at the mall trying to be noticed. Shopping and buying things for her pleasure did not seem to be selfish in her opinion; in pampering herself, she is “paying respect to God.”

RTVF Writing: Documentary Treatment Concept

Barbara Walters: Successful Journalist – Documentary Treatment Concept By Crystal Hollis | Summer 2010 | RTVF 2010 Introduction to RTVF Writing Barbara Walters: Successful Journalist The film opens with dramatic music in the background and a clip from Barbara Walters’ 20/20 interview with Monica Lewinsky. We see Executive Producer David Sloan commenting on the interview.Continue reading “RTVF Writing: Documentary Treatment Concept”

Film Analysis: Emmerich’s “2012”

The hidden social and environmental goals that belong to the authorship of Roland Emmerich and the obvious marketing goals that belong to Columbia Pictures help explain why 2012 was constructed with specific elements.

Cherry-picking copyright battles? Bethesda and Nuka Break

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With all of the copyright infringement lawsuits, the war on “piracy,” and the constant lobbying for stricter control of the internet, one could easily make an assumption that all corporations making the big bucks want to bring down the little guy for making a video with their precious…

Leacock, Maysles, and Pennebaker continues the Drew Associates filmmaking philosophy

Richard Leacock, Albert Maysles, and D.A. Pennebaker were some filmmakers who worked for Robert Drew on cinema-vérité films as part of Drew Associates. To create candid photography in motion pictures, Drew hired photographers and decided to make them edit. He wanted to “help each one of them develop as a ‘filmmaker’- a person capable ofContinue reading “Leacock, Maysles, and Pennebaker continues the Drew Associates filmmaking philosophy”