Photoshop class at UNT (Fall 2014)

In Fall 2014, I took a course called “Computer Graphics for Mediated Communications” (CECS 5260). I learned and practiced designing materials using Photoshop.



Download here.

Denton Public Library’s original brochure

I have a brochure from the Denton Public Library and decided to improve on its content and design. I incorporate a lot of photographs in my work.








My website project

Oaklawn Leasing’s original website

I decided to improve on Oaklawn Leasing’s website. When I was apartment hunting I saw how their website could use a make over. However I do not think Photoshop is the best format for designing websites.

Note: Some of the links will not work.

Published by Crystal J. Hollis

Crystal Hollis is a North Texas area artist, video/photographer, multimedia producer, digital marketer, and writer. She holds an M.A. degree in Interactive, Virtual, and Digital Communication and B.A. in Radio, Television, and Film from the University of North Texas. She has five years of experience shooting and editing videos and photography. Her interests include film, television, American and Japanese animation and graphic novels, video games, race and gender issues in media, digital media, online marketing, and the art of transmedia storytelling. You may reach her at

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