RTVF Writing: TV Commercial Concept and Script

“Leave Smelling Dignified” – Sample TV commercial script

By Crystal Hollis | Summer 2010 | RTVF 2010 Introduction to RTVF Writing


  • Age: 18-25
  • Gender: Male (for use) and female (to buy or give as gift)
  • Race and Ethnic Origin: Not specific
  • Education: High school graduate; not specific
  • Income: $5,000-$100,000; affordable for lower income and middle class
  • Emotion: Enthusiasm, humor, joy, lust, delight
  • Attitude: Masculinity, sex appeal, toughness


The Gold Spice bath soap commercial uses a combination of sexuality, humor, and some testimonial to attract viewers. The commercial takes the stereotype of men enjoying girl-on-girl action and plays a reversal stereotype with women watching two men wrestling in the mud. Having women be attracted to the men after they shower and use the soap can convince women to buy the soap for their men and for the men to use to attract women.


A group of girls are chatting with each other under umbrellas while sitting in the bleachers during a football practice. The college football team is practicing intensely in the rain. The field becomes incredibly muddy. The girls watch in excitement, as the boys get dirty. The hot, lady football coach complains to the audience about how the boys fight all the time and stink after every practice. She shouts to the team to go shower and tosses a bar of soap to a football player. As they shower, the coach comments about the effectiveness of the soap. Some football players leave the gym with some of the ladies walking with them.

  • Product: Bath Soap
  • Title: Leave smelling dignified
  • Medium: 30 second spot

View the Audio/Video Script


Published by Crystal J. Hollis

Crystal Hollis is a North Texas area artist, video/photographer, multimedia producer, digital marketer, and writer. She holds an M.A. degree in Interactive, Virtual, and Digital Communication and B.A. in Radio, Television, and Film from the University of North Texas. She has five years of experience shooting and editing videos and photography. Her interests include film, television, American and Japanese animation and graphic novels, video games, race and gender issues in media, digital media, online marketing, and the art of transmedia storytelling. You may reach her at crystaljhollis@gmail.com.

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