RTVF Writing: PSA Treatment

Protected Sex Public Service Announcement Treatment

By Crystal Hollis | Summer 2010 | RTVF 2010 Introduction to RTVF Writing


Hold on a second


After a nice dinner and movie, Jack and Jill stops by Jack’s apartment in his car and they start making out. They are still making out as they enter Jack’s apartment and wrestles each other all the way to Jack’s room. Before things escalate, Jack pauses time and searches his room for condoms. Realizing he doesn’t have any, he rushes to the store, bought condoms, and returned home to have sex with Jill. 


Jack and Jill are laughing and talking to each other at a nice sushi restaurant. They cannot keep their eyes off each other. Next they are sitting next to each other at the movies. Jill grabs his hand during a frightening scene and startles Jack. They look at each other and start making out. Then after the movie is over, Jack pulls in to his apartment’s drive way and they both make out passionately in the car. They continue making out with each other while walking into Jack’s apartment. Jill becomes steamy as she pushes Jack into his sofa. They make out some more with Jill on top of Jack, unbuttoning his shirt. They continue to make out heading into Jack’s room with Jill throwing Jack’s shirt to the ground. Jack takes Jill’s shirt off with her bra and undershirt still on. Jack “pauses” time. Jill and everything else in the room are frozen and cannot move. Jack searches his pockets, around his room, and apartment. He scratches his head. The shirtless Jack drives to the convenience store down the street. He bought condoms and thanks the frozen store clerk. He returns to his apartment with Jill still frozen. He put some condoms in his pocket and returns to his position. He jokingly pokes at Jill’s breasts that were dangling out and “unpauses” time.

Published by Crystal J. Hollis

Crystal Hollis is a North Texas area artist, video/photographer, multimedia producer, digital marketer, and writer. She holds an M.A. degree in Interactive, Virtual, and Digital Communication and B.A. in Radio, Television, and Film from the University of North Texas. She has five years of experience shooting and editing videos and photography. Her interests include film, television, American and Japanese animation and graphic novels, video games, race and gender issues in media, digital media, online marketing, and the art of transmedia storytelling. You may reach her at crystaljhollis@gmail.com.

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